The Call

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The Call

I promised myself more

I could do it for sure

Work harder, be better

Rise higher and soar

Knocking on each closed door

Until my knuckles are bloody raw

Not stopping or running

Till one of us hit the floor

I believe in my dreams

As cheesy as it seems

Each dream plants hope

And that’s all I need

I can’t see the path from the weeds

But I don’t need to to succeed

Who said life was easy?

I’d happily disagree

Over the impossible

Through the darkest hall

In the grey clouds

I’ll go through it all

Cause in the long haul

Doesn’t matter if I fall

I can’t deny this journey

I can’t deny my call

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Miss You Already

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I miss you already 
 Though you’re not yet gone 
 I can see in your eyes
 It's just a matter of time 
 I know by the way 
 You shuffle in your seat 
 Your finding a way 
 To trying to be discreet
 I ready my heart
 For the words that will follow
 'I'm sorry but...'
 Was hard enough to swallow
 Silence is pulling me 
 Further from you
 I see it all happening
 But I don't know what to do.
 My lips part
 But with nothing to say 
 they hesitantly close 
 I silently pray
 'God this can't be happening
 Please for my hearts sake
 Don't let her leave me’
 My hands began to shake

The war is lost 
I can see it in her eyes
With shrugged shoulders
She tells more lies 
‘It will be fine
We will still be friends’
It always starts there
With good intents
The last person who said that 
Held the same white flag
Before you know it
It begins to wag

It didn’t take long
A month or two
You’re doings things 
You said you wouldn’t do
Last thing I said 
‘I’m here for you’
Last thing you said 
‘We’ll catch up soon’
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Plan B

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You’ll never know

You’ll never see

Your eyes are closed

But you’re not thinking of me

You call me up

On the silent nights

But play it tough

And say you’re all right

Mixed looks sent my way

Scrambled feelings

You love me on display

But alone you want better things

Because I’m just a gap filler

I’m just the cover up

When someone comes that’s better

I’ll be just another sub

I’m tired of being a second choice

Tired of being the plan B

But when I hear your pleading voice

I come running endlessly

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God take my tomorrow 

In your hands may it stay 

With all the sorrow

Please take yesterday


There is nothing in my hand 

Nothing but now

So in your will I stand 

To stay here is my vow 


I have no power to claim

The possession of another time 

For I have not the strength 

To bear the blessing or crime


The present moment

Is a big enough task

The burden is too heavy

So for wisdom I ask


Make Him Smile

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Make him smile until his dimples show

Tell him stories he already knows

Then sit back and let him tell his favourites

Make him happier then he will ever get


Tell his mum she is beautiful

Compliment her on her new shawl

Take him places he has never been

Be sweet, then a little mean


Beat him at his own games 

Be his and never be ashamed 

Argue lots but love more

Suit up and help him fight the war 


Dress casual but do your hair

Let him pull out your chair

Challenge and listen to his logic

Check on him when he is sick 


After a movie let him tear it apart 

Hear how he thinks it should start

Love him through good and bad

Never forget the gem you have 


This is no cheat sheet or answer key

But if you hurt my bestie you hurt me

Do your best to keep his heart 

Or return it to him without a mark


Shield his back from any doubt

As he strives to be devout 

I know what he is and wants to be 

So encourage him in every dream


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Since When

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Since When.jpg

Since when


Since when did money stop being a toy

Since when did butterflies stop giving us joy

Since when did being smart make a geek

Since when did friends make you feel so weak


Since when did cars stop being fun

Since when did it matter that we won

Since when did chocolate make people fat

Since when did we need the best SnapBack hat


Since when were people scarier than the bath drain

Since when wasn’t it ok to dance in the rain

Since when did we stop running when dad came home

Since when did we dread answering the phone


Since when did ‘big’ or ‘little’ mean something bad

Since when did it matter to follow everyone’s fad.

Since when did being ‘me’ become ‘not fitting in’

Since when did telling lies make you win?


Since when did sex come before friendship

Since when did kisses happen on the lips

Since when did believing in something make you weird?

Since when was something only real once it appeared?


Since when was my voice something I’m afraid to hear

Since when did I fear sharing my ideas

Since when was what I wore open to judgments

Since when was dollars more important than sense



What To Say

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What to say

When your heart is broken

When you have lost all hope

I cannot say it will be okay

Because I don’t really know

I want to say I’m sorry

But I did nothing wrong

It’s just the circumstance

It seems to be life long

I wish that I could save you

Wish I could give you peace

But I know only God

Can make the pain cease

I can’t fill the gap that’s there

By the person who’s gone

I can’t sooth the sore

From the dagger that was thrown

But I can pray my friend

And please know that I will

For my God can do what I cannot

He can heal, sooth and fill